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Building Your Online Presence

If you’re a start-up company, you’ve probably experienced the trials and tribulations of building an online presence. It’s not easy, and sometimes the prospect of water-boarding seems more enticing. Regardless of any way you slice […]

Tips for Effective Facebook Posts

Over one billion users are logging onto Facebook, chatting with friends, ‘liking’ their favorites and defriending business, but knowing exactly how to post something on Facebook that generates leads can be a tough job. This can […]

SEO 101: A Crash Course

So, you’ve decided to start your own website. You’ve done some SEO research and you’ve been bombarded with terms like ‘CTR’, ‘Impressions’ and the rest of the terms just look like someone has been mashing […]

Google Grants and Non-Profit Organizations

One of the biggest obstacles that non-profit organizations face is the costs that are associated with running the operation. In some cases, for every dollar spent, only a fraction of it may go to the […]

Commons Mistakes in Logo Designs

With so many businesses launching internet marketing campaigns, it is crucial that you get your company to stand out from the crowd; speaking loud and clear on a podium above the rest of the online […]

Google Authorship Conspiracies

There are so many theories without proof over the benefits and drawbacks of Google Authorship that it could be labelled a conspiracy theory. Instead of having a bunch of old coots armed with sawed off […]